Case Study Ideal Standard, Wittlich

Ideal Standard, the international manufacturer of bathroom collections and kitchen fixtures automated a warehouse at their Wittlich production site in 2006. An automated container storage warehouse with two DAIFUKU aisle and storage and retrieval systems were installed as well as the MFC software matCONTROL and the warehouse management system matWMS from sysmat. Given the rising variety of products and ever smaller batch sizes, it had become increasingly difficult for the employees to supply production from the manual warehouse. Since the automated warehouse started operation in August 2006 its throughput has more than doubled because the system manages up to 200 picks/hour.

The operator-friendly Warehouse Management System matWMS controls the material flow within the automated warehouse. The MFC software matCONTROL translates the transports into commands for the individual system components. One major advantage of the two sysmat systems are the innovative interfaces: the matCONTROL interfaces are configurable to a high degree and the matWMS interfaces are implemented in the universal XML data format. Consequently, the integration of the two Daifuku automated storage and retrieval systems and 24 Gebhardt conveyor controls into matCONTROL and the integration of the enterprise resource planning system SAP R/3 into matWMS took place within just a few working hours. All these tasks were completed during ongoing operations. The desired material flow strategies were then rapidly and easily defined using drag and drop.


Einen ausführlichen Bericht über das Projekt bei Ideal Standard haben wir hier (LINK zu PDF von Veröffentlichung in der „Logistik für Unternehmen“) für Sie bereitgestellt.