For more than ten years, our systems have been defining new standards in the flow of materials and information. The following list is a selection of our reference customers for whom we have successfully mastered a variety of challenges.

Development of a client-server visualization. Expansion of the conveying technology control system software in an automatic logistics center.

Development of a driver software for RK3964 used to interconnect it to the Siemens S5 control systems.

Expansion of the conveying technology software of an automatic packing station. Development of updated system specifications on communications and processes in the complete automated warehouse.

Programming of a material flow computer (MFC) with a client-server architecture for inventory control. Visualization of the complete material flow with time lapse and extensive statistics functionalities. Development of an online simulation for an automated warehouse to replace the former warehouse management system (WMS).

Grote + Hartmann:
Replacement of two MMC216-based MFCs with a PC client-server solution. Plus a customized MFC solution for an automatic small parts warehouse (ASPW) and a high-bay racking store (HBRS). Update of the MFC computer with the modular, freely configurable standard matCONTROL MFC.

Printer server for printing shipping notes and picking labels in containers belonging to an automatic conveying system with connection to the PPC system and materials handling.

MFC as standalone variant for an automatic pre-storage area.

Intersport (Austria):
MFC matCONTROL implemented for automatic material handling equipment with a carrousel storage and retrieval system and GE-Fanuc controls.

Lohmann + Rauscher:
MFC matCONTROL for automatic HBRS with 12 aisles and four curve-negotiating S/R systems.

MFC matCONTROL implemented in Hamburg warehouse for automatic warehouse components of three different manufacturers.

John Deere:
matIFCON interface transformer implemented at the John Deere warehouse in Bruchsal.

DHL Switzerland:
Launch of matCONTROL, our modular, freely configurable material flow solution, replacing a Witron system in the DHL logistics center in Derendingen.

The systems builder in Aachen uses our matCONTROL material flow solution to control the material flow effectively on their sophisticated production lines.