Focus: Modernization

On average, every other automated warehouse in Germany is currently performing far below optimum due to outdated software and needs urgent retro-fitting. Moreover, corporate takeovers or the centralization of several warehouses at one location are ever more frequently also making a new material flow control software or a new warehouse management system necessary.

Warehouse refurbishment with the highly configurable material flow control software matCONTROL or the modular warehouse management system matWMS brings numerous advantages to these scenarios. Both software products, for example, because of their flexible and adaptable interfaces and modularity, make a step-by-step integration into the IT architecture possible. The result is that matCONTROL and matWMS can be implemented during on-going operations and without stopping the systems during operating hours. The highly configurable interfaces also support a linking of multisupplier warehouse components. This means that systems that are otherwise incompatible work together efficiently through the centralized control provided by matCONTROL. This saves you costly investments in new hardware and software while achieving 100% warehousing performance.

Altogether, - according to the survey “Opportunities and Risks of Warehouse Retro-fitting 2005” – savings of between eight and twelve percent can be achieved through warehouse modernizations.

We have compiled some interesting facts on selected, successful retro-fitting projects with matCONTROL and matWMS for you here.

Current, selected retro-fitting projects:

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