matWMS – optimum warehouse management for automatic warehouses

matWMS is a modular system designed specifically for the requirements of automatic warehouses. In contrast to other systems that have simply been advanced for automatic control and which are consequently limited in some respects, matWMS is optimized for the workflows and functions in automatic warehouses, such as, for example, path calculation and queue management or the control of pick-by-light displays. This is where matWMS profits from our vast experience in the area of material flow control systems, experience which has gone into the development of these convenient modules.

With its modular design the software can be optimally configured for your warehouse requirements. The standard version capably and efficiently manages and controls small-scale automatic systems and high-bay warehouses as well as warehouse zones under manual control. More complex processes can be mapped by adding extra modules to the system. Another advantage of matWMS: all interfaces to external systems are freely configurable and support standard protocols (e.g. XML, IDOC). Irrespective of manufacturer, all warehouse components and the existing IT architecture can thus be linked rapidly and easily to matWMS. matWMS runs on Windows NT systems and uses the Firebird database server.

The standard matWMS modules

/ Receipt of goods
/ Stores Management
/ Inventory management
/ Single-stage order picking
/ Material flow control and visualization
/ Outgoing goods
/ Zero net inventory
/ Printed label designer
/ User and workstation management

matWMS Add-on Modules

/ SControlling automatic warehouse areas
/ Inventory
/ Multi-client capability
/ Management of several subsidiaries
/ Replenishment management and control
/ Multi-stage order picking
/ Multiple-order picking for all orders
/ Item reorders using minimum quantities
/ Communications server for hosting
/ Dual server module